Systems Engineering Eye-opener

Become aware about systems Engineering:

Our one day inspirational Systems Engineering Eye-opener intends to provide a small but important first step towards building systems engineering capabilities in your organisation.You will get a glimpse of what systems engineering is, and how it can be used to leverage and integrate important areas such as development, procurement, project, and engineering management

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The Business Case for Systems Engineering

Learn to make the right choices when developing Tech-Intensive products:

Efficient and successful tech-intensive projects rely heavily on a purposeful selection and application of methodology. Systems engineering provides a rich and comprehensive toolbox for you to tailor and integrate with your present way of working. Our Business Case for Systems Engineering inspiration day targets both systems engineering champions and stakeholders seeking to better understand the potential value in systems engineering, and which areas to change or to implement in your organization.

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Systems Engineering Basics

Your footprint in creating and procuring tech-intensive products:

In our brand new course Systems Engineering Basics we provide during two or three intensive days an overview on how to develop or acquire technology intensive products and services. During the course we start to build your common language for systems engineering and explain the dynamics of the systems development. We also discuss terms such as systems, lifecycles, requirements, technical project planning, integration, and systems architecture.

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Beyond Greenfield Systems Engineering

Engineering COTS* Technology, Legacy systems and Product Lines:

When you develop or procure a product, you rarely start from a clean sheet of paper. Indeed, you often have to adapt your systems engineering activities to consider pre-fabricated systems elements, such as inserting COTS (commercial-of-the-shelf) technology, maximising the use of your present product portfolio, managing legacy systems, or considering existing interfaces or architectures. Does this sound familiar?

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Systems Integration Fundamentals

Your next step in architecture driven systems integration:

This course introduces you to systems integration - one of the most critical, but also one of the most neglected – areas of product development. The successful integrator must combine the designer’s mind-set of analysing the system and its elements in its meant-to-be context with synthesis that gradually brings the parts of the product together to a whole and ensures that it delivers value in its real environment.

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Systems Engineering Management

Your Footprint in Technical Leadership:

Do you have a management or leadership role in a technology-intensive organization? Is your development methodology not delivering sufficient balance between time, economy, and quality? Would you like to use the collected competence in your organization more effectively? In our course Systems engineering management you will start to build your toolbox for technical leadership.

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Engineering Decision Making

Become a sharper engineering decision maker:

To develop, plan, or acquire technology-intensive products involves numerous decisions. Successful decisions often balance risks and uncertainties with known facts attempting to forecast the future. Decisions can for instance concern customer needs, design choices, or the evaluating of proposals. Except for the product or the system, engineering decisions commonly also affect the project, the product organization, the product platform, and the development lifecycle.

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Systems Architecting Primer

Our boot-camp in applied systems architecting:

A thoughtful engineered systems architecture description is one of your most important tools for developing or procuring products or services. Systems architecture is the vehicle for stakeholder communication and systems analysis. It also helps you to focus on the important and critical aspects of your system. This course gives you a common language for systems architecture and explains the role of systems architecture in systems engineering.

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SysML Explained

Learn SysML from an expert:

SysML – the systems modelling language – is a central part of modern MBSE. The language is powerful and flexible, but also requires a lot from its users and other stakeholders. SysML Explained gives you the fundamentals of creating a model describing your system-of-interest including requirements, stakeholders, system contexts, use cases, and domain blocks. In this course, you will also learn the basics of describing and analyzing your business and operations using SysML.

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Intensive INCOSE Certification Preparation

Your Fast Track Towards professional SYstems Engineering Certification:

Our intensive preparation course for the INCOSE*, ASEP** or CSEP*** exam is an excellent complement to your personal preparations for the certification test. During 4 (or 3 intensive) days, you will be guided through the overall application process and the contents of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (which is the basis for the certification exam) by David Walden, ESEP****.

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