Systems Integration Fundamentals

Your next step in architecture driven systems integration:

This course introduces you to systems integration - one of the most critical, but also one of the most neglected – areas of product development. The successful integrator must combine the designer’s mind-set of analysing the system and its elements in its meant-to-be context with synthesis that gradually brings the parts of the product together to a whole and ensures that it delivers value in its real environment.

A balanced combination of these two viewpoints provides ample opportunities to initiate integration early in the development lifecycle and to turn integration into a useful sparring partner to other development activities, and a driver for effective risk management.

Code: DW140 | Level: Continuation| Length: 3 days | Language: English or Swedish (course material in English) | Ideal group size:16 students| For more information, please contact Jonas Andersson, +46 707 7070 14, or indicate your interest here


Our nextStep course in systems integration targets anyone who seeks a better understanding for the role of systems integration in the development lifecycle, and would like to learn how integration activities can be planned or lead in practice.

To fully appreciate the course, we recommend some earlier education in systems engineering (e.g. our footPrint course DW101 Systems Engineering Basics) and a few years’ experience of working in a technology-intensive organization.


In the course, you will build an understanding for systems integration activities as a part of the development lifecycle and as a part of systems engineering in general. You will also learn how to create an integration strategy and how to align it with an integration architecture that helps you to keep an eye on your key risks and success factors.


  • Why do we integrate systems?
  • Integration and design in symbiosis
  • Defining an integration strategy
  • Integration of interfaces, functions, characteristics, and physical elements
  • The integration lifecycle
  • Selecting an effective integration methodology
  • Creating an integration architecture
  • Describing and managing interfaces
  • Integration in practice: Planning, leading, and executing and following up
  • Where to learn more about integration?

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