Systems Architecting Primer

Our boot-camp in applied systems architecting:

A thoughtful engineered systems architecture description is one of your most important tools for developing or procuring products or services. Systems architecture is the vehicle for stakeholder communication and systems analysis. It also helps you to focus on the important and critical aspects of your system. This course gives you a common language for systems architecture and explains the role of systems architecture in systems engineering.

We also demonstrate how different kinds of models can be used in your architecture description to best serve the need of your systems and your projects.

Code: DW130 | Level: Elaboration| Length: 2-4 days | Language: English or Swedish | Ideal group size: 12 students| For more information, please contact Jonas Andersson, +46 707 7070 14, or indicate your interest here


Our Systems Architecting Primer course targets you who have some insight regarding development and acquisition of complex systems, but would like to take a competence leap towards a better understanding of systems architecture and how it can be used and transformed into value for you and your organisation. The course is an excellent element in your organisation's internal competence development.


This course equips you with a deepened understanding for the concept of Systems architecture and its relation to Systems engineering in general, but design and integration in particular. You will also learn how to define a structure for your architecture and select adequate model presentations that helps you keep your eyes on you products' and organisation's most critical risks, uncertainties, and success factors. You will also receive an orientation on how systems architecture can be used as an effective tool for technical leadership and systems engineering management.


  • Architecture and systems engineering
  • The common language of architecture
  • Architecting an architectual description
  • Selecting and designing viewpoints
  • Models in the architecture description
  • Analysing and evaluating architecture
  • Systems architecture and integration
  • Systems architecture as a management tool

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