Creating useful requirements

Learn applied requirements engineering:

Our short course in Creating useful requirements gives you a solid basis for describing industrial products and services with requirements adapted to your unique needs. In the course, we will guide you through the fundamental parts of requirements engineering and demonstrate how you may combine them in an effective way.

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Engineering Decision Making

Become a sharper engineering decision maker:

To develop, plan, or acquire technology-intensive products involves numerous decisions. Successful decisions often balance risks and uncertainties with known facts attempting to forecast the future. Decisions can for instance concern customer needs, design choices, or the evaluating of proposals. Except for the product or the system, engineering decisions commonly also affect the project, the product organization, the product platform, and the development lifecycle.

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Systems Architecting Primer

Our boot-camp in applied systems architecting:

A thoughtful engineered systems architecture description is one of your most important tools for developing or procuring products or services. Systems architecture is the vehicle for stakeholder communication and systems analysis. It also helps you to focus on the important and critical aspects of your system. This course gives you a common language for systems architecture and explains the role of systems architecture in systems engineering.

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