Nordic Systems Engineering Alliance

The Nordic Systems Engineering Alliance (NSEA) is quite simply a network of small and medium sized organizations with synergetic competencies and shared visions, values and passions for systems engineering and engineering management. To put it even more simply, we are good friends that enjoy working together and learning from each other.

Helping you, we combine the agility and innovation thrust of small organizations with the strength that comes from joining forces and working together. We can rapidly provide experts, form tailored teams that assist your organization, and deliver professional courses and corporate competence programs.


Decisionware is a Swedish based education provider focusing on advanced continued professional education in technical leadership and product creation including many aspects on systems engineering, systems engineering management and management of technology-intensive projects. Its portfolio of competence development services is based on two decades of educational experience for Nordic industrial organizations and leading universities.


oose is a German consultancy for systems and software engineering. oose consultants have written more than 20 books about modeling, architecture, project management soft skills and more. On important issues of software and systems development, oose coaches changes, introduces new methods and trains knowledge. oose gives you and your organization the necessary impulse to help you gaining crucial new skills. For this, oose continuously strive for better and better ways by which oose can enable their customers to excellent long-term development and simultaneously inspire and encourage people to break new ground.


TM&C helps organizations to identify key success factors and strategic capabilities to enforce innovation and design without losing the control of lead-times and budgets. The aim is to support organizations to transform and implement improved and adapted engineering structures, methods and tools based upon new and modern standards and best practice. TM&C has expertise in both modern approached like Model-based Innovation, Engineering Management, Risk Centric Engineering, Technical Review and Product Management as well as more traditional systems engineering strategies.